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tv   Today in Iowa at 530  NBC  December 10, 2015 5:30am-6:00am CST

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new events center hotel... hear why there may be trouble ahead before work has even started. plus tightened security.. why you'll find extra security just next door.. the big event this weekend that's getting des moines ready for spring. magic mailing... we'll tell you why some university of iowa students are feeling spell-bound today... it's thursday, december 10th... today in iowa starts now. 80/35 @ university and i-235 @ 63rd. first on 13... downtown des
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get a little louder this morning... crews will begin kicking up dirt hotel has even begun... it looks like some key funding may turn up dry. the 330 room convention center hotel will sit along 4th and park in downtown des moines. but with price tag of over 100 million dollars... the board looked to a rare government program for help funding. it's called e-b five.... and it funds u-s projects with green cards. any foreign national who invests 500- thousand-dollars, is guaranteed their green card. but the plan is looking less
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that's because the program is currently under investigation by the department of homeland security... and it's set to expire tomorrow. now board members say they'll have to look for money elsewhere 'we are going to have to seek alternative financing thats going to take some guarantees and the like but we have been working on those alternative plans..." the board was counting on the program to fund up to 20-percent of the hotel... that means about 20-million-dollars of the 101 million dollar price tag. the events center itself is headed for a few changes of its own... and it could mean longer lines for you... channel 13's josh nguyen is live from the events center this morning with all the details on new security measures they're taking there. good morning josh. for the second time in less than
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re-branded... the store at 155th and hickman will close monday as price chopper third cash saver in the metro. earlier this year price chopper and
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bought seven of the ten former dahl's locations. that's after dahl's filed for bankruptcy. a des moines student says she was abused by a teacher and coach at roosevelt high school. special ed teacher and girls basketball coach gerald "tig" johnson turned himself into police tuesday... he's charged with sexual exploitation by a school employee and assault with intent to commit sexual abuse. according to the criminal complaint johnson started calling the 16-year old girl's cell phone last tuesday... then on thursday had her come to his classroom. there... she says he talked about having sex with her... kissed her.. and groped her. students at roosevelt high say the news was something they never expected to hear.. tons 390890 :14 - :25 nathan we never really expected it because we know his daughter and his son 39 mary 10:06:04 we haven't been told a lot because i think they don't want people victim blaming if something happened 11 johnson bonded out of jail
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he is scheduled to be back in court on december 18th. a des moines man convicted of attempted murder is being met with harsh words from his victims... 033727 - i hope you spend the rest of your life in prison. i hope you die in there and i hope you got to hell - mark mitchell 530500 - i got more angry when i thought of you sitting in jail, able to walk able to move communicate with others. while my husband was in a medically induced coma 063516 - the doctors are still not certain on what percentage of movement and strength ill get back in my left arm due to the choices you made that morning - zachary whitehill one after another they spoke directly to pete polson... the man who drove through pleasant hill last november shooting at random. polson shot two people and narrowly missed a third. yesterday he was sentenced to 55- years in prison... he must serve half of that before being eligible for parole. polson blamed drug abuse for the
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victims. 174425 - i wish now that every bullet would have hit me instead. it is impossible to come to terms with this. i hope that when i say im sorry, it heals in some way the shooting also led to the arrest of pete polson's father... while executing a search warrant, they found 10-pounds of marijuana in the home the two shared. he will serve five years behind bars. the webster county courthouse is closed this morning...that's after vandals left it in disarray. take a look. police say vandals broke in early tuesday morning and set off of a number of fire extinguishers on the third and fourth floors. you can see the chemicals settled everywhere making a mess of things. officials are re-scheduling court hearings and moving to other office buildings. the courthouse is expected to re-open monday. university of iowa students have some somewhat magic mail to
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"dear hannah, thank you very much indeed for your letter. unfortunately, i receive so many letters and i'm not able to reply to each one personally, as much as i would like to." 500 university of iowa students, faculty, and community members as i would like to." 500 university of iowa students, faculty, and community members received letters from famous harry potter author j-k rowling. the semi-personalized letters were her response to an invite to come speak at there... much to their disappointment, rowling declined... due to scheduling conflicts... but fans in the area say will keep trying... they've already started filming a video... again asking her to come speak. iowa football's frontman is speaking out about the hawkeyes chance at post-season magic... tons 390809 :13 - :27 i'm sure it's been something he's been wanting to do for a while now... we're happy we could do that for coach ferentz
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iowa and stanford at the grand daddy. murphy, sears, and admire and i... we're all going. coverage starts monday december 28th from pasadena. today will be the warmest day of
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windy with a westwind up to 30 mph. more clouds return friday and temperatures will drop back to the 50s. clouds will continue to increase into saturday, with a few stray showers possible. onsunday, a strong storm system will pass through the midwest, bringing a good chance for rain into central and eastern iowa. a quarter to a half of an
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especially in eastern iowa where the highest totals will be possible. temperatures will remain in the 40s to start next week, but will dip back into the
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i-80 @ jordan creek i-235 @
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coming up next, david geiger joins us with this morning's agribusiness report. then... they're considered a warm- up to the academy awards. when we'll hear the golden globe nominees today. and... education re-vamp. the bill signed into law yesterday... that will change no child left behind. and why it gives states more
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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trade is booming between iowa and canada. nearly $2 billion worth of ag products were exported last year, according to agriculture and agri-food canada. iowa exported $1 billion in ag products to canada in 2014: $221 million in soybean meal, $185 million in ethanol and a $170 million in fresh and frozen pork. in turn, iowa imported $870 million from canada: $202 million in live animals, $159 million in oats and $140 million in fats and oils. canada is iowa's second largest agriculture export market and the trade and investment is estimated to support a 100,000
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a big change coming today to classrooms across the nation... president obama is set to sign the "every student succeeds act" this morning ... the act is being called a "fix" for 'no child left behind'. the senate passed the bipartisan compromise yesterday. among the changes, states will again be able to decide how to use students' test scores for assessment. it will also bring an end to federal support of "common core" standards. if you're looking for a good movie... today may make your decision easier. the gold globes nominations are announced this morning. the awards recognize achievements in television and film... the globes... air january 10th... on nbc.
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farmer's market. but in the winter... valley junction does something different on thursday nights. how the shopping district is transforming to get you into the christmas spirit.
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